Iterating through all tables in word VBA
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First time here & I'm relatively new at vba. I'm trying to iterate through all the tables in a word document to update price list items that are always in column 3 of each table (two tables in this case). The iteration happens, but the single value in the second table doesn't show up in my output check message box. Here is the code I have so far and I really appreciate any help or hints:

Dim oTbl As Table
Dim Percent As Long
Dim intNumber As Long
Dim i As Long

Set oTbl = ActiveDocument.Tables(1)

With ActiveDocument.Tables

For i = 1 To .Count

'MsgBox (i) '--------- output check

For Each oRow In oTbl.Rows

Set oCell = oRow.Cells(3)

intNumber = Val(oCell.Range.Text)

'MsgBox (intNumber) '--------- output check

Percent = InputBox("Enter the percentage to increase pricing", "Percent Increase", 0)

intNumber = intNumber + (intNumber * (Percent / 100))

'MsgBox (intNumber) '--------- output check

oCell.Range.Text = intNumber

'MsgBox oCell.Range.Text '--------- output check


End With

End Sub
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