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now sgfxi will set the --no-unified-memory flag if the kernel was compiled with this option:


Hopefully this will solve the problem, we'll see.

This check/test is automatic so if this is the actual cause of the failure, a siduction / towo kernel should now work with nvidia installer for 331 drivers.

We'll see.

I have the feeling this isn't the actual real reason for the failure, but let's see how it goes.
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100 to 1 your issue is not related at all to nvidia drivers.

Exactly right, as it turned out. The HD failed approximately 48 hours after sgfxi behaved so oddly.

My laptop was hardly new so I have obtained a new machine and moved everything over to it. Suffice it to say the Super Grub disk and Patrick Vernier's GParted were essential tools in the process.

My thanks to everybody who tried to help! Best wishes for the Holidays!
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