sgfxi + 3.12 kernel + 331.xx driver issue thread
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I'm trying to track down an issue with 3.12 kernel and the new 331.20 drivers from Nvidia, so far, I've gotten reports that siduction / siduction based kernels are failing on install of 331.20 unless a special flag is used on the installer.

I know that Antix, and the last towo siduction kernel, are seeing nvidia driver module build failures, but I have also now gotten reports that the modules/installer is working on the vanilla 3.12 kernel, though unfortunately, other reports claim that the installer itself will get the module built with errors, but sgfxi detects error returns and tells you the driver failed, so it's possible the reported successes were in fact just failures to build the specific nvidia-uvm.ko module but success in building the overall module.

The override option is: --no-unified-memory

Which turns off the nvidia-uvm.ko module build, and thus removes the source of failure.

I can add this to default driver installs, but since I don't actually know what that module is for I prefer to wait to see who is experiencing issues with this driver/kernel combo before adding in support/overrides etc.

The online information is terrible at this point, so I'd rather hear first hand reports at this stage. This only applies to the 331.xx series drivers, the other kernel/driver combinations should be fine.
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