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This one is as the main maintainer says, 'too cool to not do'. Perfect for that old unused machine you have lying around somewhere.

Read an article about DSL on osnews.

Check out the distro yourself, at the dsl website.

Features include, capability to run in emulation mode in Windows [don't get too excited, it works, but just barely, on 1.7 gig processor, 512 mB ddr, it runs like refrigerated molassis. More interesting is the ability to put the distro on a usb keychain type drive, and boot into it off any machine, means youcan travel with a portable version of your browser, your favorites, your cookies, passwords etc, without needing to bring a laptop.

Sounds fun, perfect thing to do with those extra usb memory card readers we have lying around... when you use the compressed mode, the OS and apps take about 50 mB. Comes with Firefox, Dillo, basic apps, basic small desktop environment.

You can add 'apt' to it, and access debian's entire apt repository. Amazing what they can do nowadays, this is why open source software is cool, people can do what they want, the code is open. Windows can never compete head to head with this model, that's why they need to resort to legal threats, IP issues, patent issues, most of which are nonsense.

As was recently pointed out, despite MS repeatedly threatening Linux users with the dire consequences of their actions re patent law, the fact is that it is Microsoft that has the biggest ongoing issues with patent law violations, probably something to do with their constant theft of code from companies too small to defend themselves.
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