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General Principles
  • Learn what 'free software', 'copyleft', the 'GPL', and other terms actually refer to. Home of the Free Software Definition. Wondered why people are always mentioning 'free as in beer' and 'free as in freedom'?
  • Free Software Foundation. Read about the philosophy behind free software. The cutting edge of this movement.
  • Home of Open Source Definition. You can also find great things like Peru Reaction to MS. Peruvian Congressman refutes Microsoft's "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" (F.U.D.) concerning free and open source software. An absolute must read.
  • Innovation in the arts rests on access to what was done before. Software is no different.
  • Legal area of Open Source software, sure to be increasingly important as MS etc begin to realize that they can't compete head to head, and retreat to legal threats like their SCO funding.

Technical Components and Publishers

Linux Forums

Linux & Open Source news

Linux Howtos and FAQs

Influential People :: Interviews, writings
Linus Torvalds
  • 12-21-04. Sun's Solaris, general open source development, good interview.
  • 11-12-04. Covers SCO, MS, OSDL. More here.
  • 2-2-04. SCO.
  • 10-11-04. Covers his move to Portland, Oregon, and working with OSDL.
  • 10-30-03. The future of Linux. This is a fairly in depth interview, deals with the kernel development process etc.
  • Sep. 97. 'The Pragmatist of Free Software'

Eric Raymond:

Richard Stallman

Paul Graham

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