GNU/Linux Benzene project: play against the best Hex opponent
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Hex [new user link] is a two-player abstract board game, invented in 1942 by Piet Hein, and again independently in 1948 by John "Beautiful Mind" Nash. It has a fairly large base of players and aficionados on the Internet, compared to most relatively obscure abstracts.

Benzene [new user link] is a Source Forge project of software for playing Hex. It includes a Java GUI and the two strongest engines, Wolve and Mohex. Lately development seems to have stalled. It depends on fuego, another SF project which provides software to play Go.

I have modified the code for their Java GUI to offer more display options. You can download it from here [new user link] where there are also instructions on how to get it all to work with the latest version of fuego and the most recent version of boost, which is currently version 3.

Credit is due to Lars Dießelberg, who figured out the code modifications.

There's no question here, other than a faint hope that someone might become interested enough to continue the project. If you prefer human opponents, you can find them in real time at either Game Center [new user link] or Ludoteka [new user link] (which holds a tournament each Wednesday,) or turn-based at Little Golem [new user link] (the largest and strongest field of players) or Gamerz [new user link].
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