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Since it's very hard to diagnose problems on your site relative to SEO issues without seeing your site, we allow you to post your site url's, but only in this format:
www yourdomainname com
In other words, no active linking, no dots, space between www, yourdomain, and com. Forum users can find you, but no actual link is allowed.

That means no free links to your domain to build up your incoming links. Our members and profile pages are excluded in robots.txt by the way, so they are only viewed by people on the forums, no search engines will see them. Adding a link there is fine but will do you no good in terms of building incoming links.

This is really the only rule, if you post a link in the wrong format, the first time a moderator will delink it, the second time your post will be deleted, the third time you will be banned. We're not trying to be rude, just want some rules that will work best for all of us long term, most forums don't allow specifics, but that's kind of limiting to discussions, it can be very helpful to see the code etc on a site to help debug and diagnose problem, this is our compromise method.
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