linux nvidia plus flash blue faces orange sky fix
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ubuntu fix restore blue faces to normal in youtube movies

If you get the blue face, orange sky type issue on youtube and other sites with flash and nvidia on linux with flash, then this should fix it:

As root, do:
:: Code ::
mkdir /etc/adobe/ && echo -e "OverrideGPUValidation=1\nEnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1\n" > /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

In other words, create the directory /etc/adobe, then create a file in that called mms.cfg, then put these lines in it and save:

:: Code ::

as the above article also notes:
:: Quote ::
That Didnít Work, or Caused Problems? In some cases, you might find you need to disable GPU validation in addition to, or instead of, telling Flash to use vdpau hardware acceleration. If youíre experiencing trouble at some sites but not others (like YouTube videos are now fine, but at Vimeo the Flash plugin crashes), you may want to play around with the settings. For example, to enable the acceleration but bypass GPU validation, the text in mms.cfg would be:


Ö or the following to just bypass GPU validation:


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