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Here's the basic syntax for BB Code [replace { with [ in the following] [You can read a full syntax description here, though not all features will be supported on all boards]:

{b]text{/b] Bold

{u]text{/u] Underline

{i]text{/i] Italic

{size=24]size=24{/size] size=24 size is smallest = 0, the larger the number is the larger the text. 12 would be about standard size, more or less.

{color=green]Green{/color] Green

You can mix and match, as long as you nest the bbcode correctly:
{color=red]{size=24]{b]size=24{/b]{/size] {/color] size=24 Note, the numbers roughly correspond to px sizing, so anything less than about 8 is going to be unreadable more or less.


this adds a 'nofollow' to the link


{quote]some text[/quote]
:: Quote ::
some text

{code]<?php if (x == y) statement; ?>{code]
:: Code ::
<?php if (x == y) statement; ?>


{list] Inserts a bulleted list into your post.
{list=1] inserts a numbered list into your post.
{list=a] inserts a lettered list, when that feature is supported, not on this board though.

{*] Item 1
{*] Item 2
{*] etc

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3

Least useful is the following [these are not supported on this board]
{whisper=username]some text only the specified user can read{whisper]
{spoiler]some text{/spoiler]some text that is hidden until activated by a click.{/spoiler]

And that's about it for all practical purposes, the admin has access sometimes to {html] type stuff as well.
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