Google Penguin and Panda updates
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You know the drill, seo updates, seo abuse, then a google update switches off some of the more popular seo methods and everyone is in an uproar. Are Private Blog Networks Dead?

This is a good overview of Panda:

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But first, its important to not just look at all the chatter and get scared; instead, I like to base my decisions on results. So, I’ve taken a look at my earnings and rankings over the past few weeks and here is what I have noticed. The sites that have relied heavily on blog networks for links have seen a small decrease in earnings and/or rankings. My sites that do not rely as heavily on blog networks have remained unchanged.

Coupled with a few other postings, one other take away is that it is very unlikely that Panda will hurt standard websites. Second, if you relied on professional link builders, you probably have just paid for nothing, since their most populated blog networks were just removed from the google index, thus essentially removing their entire reason for existence.

There's a few other good sources on recent updates too:

If some of the sites your seo company used have been wiped out by google's penguin as legitimate sources for links, thus, magically, suddenly a flood of backlinks have been destroyed, which could also easily account foryour site dropping a bit, ie, just less links suddenly considered as valid, a bit less page rank. But no penalty. But yes a waste of your resources since the links you paid to have built are now gone.

A bit more

This makes sense, link schemes, duplicate content, because if your site has good content it was not wiped out, just degraded slightly.

All in all ignore the noise, Panda and Penguin are good updates, and simply alert you to bad seo spending you might have engaged in. Work on quality content, work on authority site status:

This guy is quite good, not a typical seo type flake, and puts his money where his mouth is, by actually doing it:
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