svn fail: Commit failed (details follow):Aborting commit: remains in conflict
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This solution came from, a fine site.

:: Code ::
svn remove --force filename
svn resolve --accept=working  filename
svn commit

If the fail came about after removing a few files, then their directory, you have to use that command for each file, then the directory.

for example:

:: Code ::
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Aborting commit: '/home/dev/bin/scripts/project/svn/trunk/man' remains in conflict

## then:
svn remove --force man
svn resolve --accept=working  man
Resolved conflicted state of 'man'
# if you do not see the above message, it didn't work
svn ci
# commit should go through

svn remains a terribly programmed product, with total lack of robustness. It's no wonder git is taking over so fast, svn is just absurd in how weak it is.

In the above case, for example, I removed the contents of man, via svn rm, but then did not commit it, and then removed the directory, and that broke svn, it simply could not figure out that it needs to do the stuff one step at a time.

While I don't plan on learning or using git, I do understand why people switched to it, svn is just just so weak and poorly done.
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