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There are some standard reference works out there that it's good to take a look at if you are doing SEO type work.
The Google Whitepapers

More Search Readings
  • Zoltán Gyöngyi. This is the author of several Stanford whitepapers.
  • Analysis: What makes Google tick. Zdnet ran this recently, on the technology behind Google.
  • Analysis: A Survey of Google's PageRank, on
  • Analysis: Web Structure, Age and Page Quality [pdf]. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Felipe Saint-Jean and Carlos Castillo. "This paper is aimed at the study of quantitative measures of the relation between Web structure, age, and quality of Web pages. Quality is studied from different link-based metrics and their relationship with the structure of the Web and the last modification time of a page. We show that, as expected, Pagerank is biased against new pages."
    Pdf list of further publications.

How does Google Work?
  • Patent: September 4, 2001 : Google pagerank. Describes the actual PR mechanism. A method assigns importance ranks to nodes in a linked database, such as any database of documents containing citations, the world wide web or any other hypermedia database. The rank assigned to a document is calculated from the ranks of documents citing it. In addition, the rank of a document is calculated from a constant representing the probability that a browser through the database will randomly jump to the document. The method is particularly useful in enhancing the performance of search engine results for hypermedia databases, such as the world wide web, whose documents have a large variation in quality.
  • Patent: September 5, 2002 : Methods and apparatus for employing usage statistics in document retrieval. The name says it all. "A computer implemented method of organizing a collection of documents by employing usage information, comprising: receiving a search query; identifying a plurality of documents responsive to the search query; assigning a score to each document based on at least the usage information; and organizing the documents based on the assigned scores. "
  • Patent: February 25, 2003 : Ranking search results by reranking the results based on local inter-connectivity . A search engine for searching a corpus improves the relevancy of the results by refining a standard relevancy score based on the interconnectivity of the initially returned set of documents. The search engine obtains an initial set of relevant documents by matching a user's search terms to an index of a corpus. A re-ranking component in the search engine then refines the initially returned document rankings so that documents that are frequently cited in the initial set of relevant documents are preferred over documents that are less frequently cited within the initial set. Read an analysis here.
  • Patent: December 2, 2003 : Duplicate Content patent. Improved duplicate and near-duplicate detection techniques may assign a number of fingerprints to a given document by (i) extracting parts from the document, (ii) assigning the extracted parts to one or more of a predetermined number of lists, and (iii) generating a fingerprint from each of the populated lists. Two documents may be considered to be near-duplicates if any one of their fingerprints match.
  • Patent: March 31, 2005 : Information retrieval based on historical data . A system identifies a document and obtains one or more types of history data associated with the document. The system may generate a score for the document based, at least in part, on the one or more types of history data.
  • Patent: 2006: Method for node ranking in a linked database. "A method assigns importance ranks to nodes in a linked database, such as any database of documents containing citations, the world wide web or any other hypermedia database." This is more or less a redo of their PageRank stuff.

Search Engine Placement Issues
Note, for the first two links to work you probably need to be a logged member of webmasterworld.
  • The dropped site checklist. A very comprehensive checklist by cavemen on webmasterworld. He's one of the better guys there, so this is well worth a read if you're having issues.
  • 26 steps to 15k a Day. Also from webmasterworld, this is Brett's near legendary how to succeed posting, still as true today as it was when he made it.

Search Engine Blogs
Take all these with a large grain of salt, never believe what a company says about its own product.

Basic SEO theory

Search Technology

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