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I just had to do a job involving sending out a newsletter, hadn't done that in a while, whipped out my trusty old WorldCast Bulk Emailer, set it up, and it all came back to me:

This is a really good little program, it's got almost every feature you'll ever need, I'm using version 2.15 from 2001, and it's still a really good program.

If you've been using Outlook or Outlook Express to do your newsletter sending, give this program a look. No more 500 email addresses hidden in the BCC field, this sends real individual emails, customizable slightly [email address and name].

Another plus is that it can do presending validation of your email list. This is a big plus too, keeps all those bad email bouncebacks held to a minimum.

All in all another product I'd have to give a very high ranking to, I've talked to professional emailers, marketing companies etc, who didn't use a program like this, and was always amazed at what those companies and employees could not do, as professionals, compared to what I, or anyone who learns this relatively straightforward and simple piece of software, could do.

Anyway, another good shareware type product, well worth checking out. Do your enewsletter subscribers a favor if you are still using a standard email client to do your mailings, stop, and get WorldCast.
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