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NO, I mean MY apache forums.

Here, that is. Apache's documentation is poor at best, and vague and hard to decipher at worst.

The above steps are what I always do for every single site I develop, simplest to most advanced, without exception.

Sometimes more, but always that basic level, and of course, I always disalble htaccess on local dev server, since the htaccess files are used to configure the same exact things on the remote server, plus some more things I don't care about for dev, like setting error documents, 404s, and so on.
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Techadmin to the rescue.
I was really getting swamped in the Apache docs, and all the myriad pages that show how to do that in...Windoze!
Sure, will check your apache forums, and post related questions there.
BTW, Drupal has its own way of doing that, it creates VMs with Virtual Box, vagrant (available in Debian repos), and Aegir-up (Drupal stuff).
Once I really get the hang of that, might post a tut here, just a way of giving back.
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