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Not a bad read as these things go, good overview. This one is from
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The only person or persons who can manipulate a search engine, are the persons who have access to the admin panel and/or source code of that specific search engine. If you can't get to the admin panel, you can have no effect whatsoever on what that search engines does. All you can do is construct data that you feel is most likely to fall within the parameters of the algorithm. That is NOT manipulating search engines, that is learning how search engines work and then manipulating your page. No matter how vehemently some so-called SEO's, (whatever that is), disagree, that is a fact! No one can "help" a search engine find what they are looking for anymore than anyone can "make" a search engine do what they want. Search engines just do what they do. They are only a machine!

This one is sort of refreshing I have to admit, this is pretty much right, you need to start with the correct premises to ever get anywhere with this stuff, a lot of people start with wrong ones, and it might work for a while, then it stops working. I've had that happen too.

Working from this premise, he goes on to state:
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there can be no other conclusion but that search engines can not be spammed, tricked, mislead, bribed or coerced. All that can be done is build data that you believe best complies with what it is a specific program does with specific data and then give it that data.

Again, that's exactly right, that's how the web works, all of it. Things are given data, and other things deal with that data. That's how web servers work, it's how your browser works, it's how email works, it's how things work when you are working with computers. It's all just little bits of data moving around.

It's exactly the same process you use to create an HTML structure to handle your data, then apply other HTML or CSS to it to make it deliver that content in the way you want to the end user, or browser. A search engine spider is just a very simple browser, basically.
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