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Tested 5 browsers on my computer running W7.

Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome report correctly the primary language as en-us.

IE9 gives es-ve.

I am in Venezuela but W7 (and everything after that) has been installed in English.

Is there a setting on computer that needs to be fixed?
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language type is based on what the browser sends on the http accept header.

This is in the case of the after market browsers probably just what it is based on what version you installed, but if you are running a venezuelan windows install, then that's what msie gets as its data for language accept header. That's because msie, unlike the other browsers, is tied into the operating system, windows.

One of the advantages of scripts like this is that they show what is really happening, which is not always the same as what you believe is happening. These are all objective data strings being sent by the browser, aka, user agent. The strings never have any guaranteed relation to the underlying system or hardware, you can make most of these say anything you want, not sure about the accept headers, never looked into changing those.
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