iPad & Full Featured PHP Browser/OS detection
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Testing the script on an iPad2 with iOS 5.0.1 with 5 different browsers.

This is what I get:

Under Operating System:
Opera Mini says OS: N/A
Safari, Skyfire, Atomic Web and Photon report Mac OS X v:10

Under Handheld Device:
Safari and Skyfire report correctly OS: IPad Os 5.0.1
Opera Mini doesn't mention the iOS version at all
Atomic Web says IPad Os 4.3.5 (!!!)
Photon says IPad Os 3.2 (!!!)

Anyone has tested other browsers on an iPad?
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this has zero use or utility unless you post the useragent string for each browser.

Just a data point, I had my hands on a kindle fire briefly, so I thought I'd check out the user agent detection, and noted that it claimed to be iOS, when in fact it's android.

Why? because that's what the kindle browser said, it was spoofing ipad to handle browser detections that set screen sizes for that device type.

the browser detection script doesn't tell you what the actual device is, it tells you what the browser user agent string is and says. Which is why posting what you did without those is largely pointless, helps nobody, can't see if there is error or if that's what is supposed to be.
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One of the advantages of scripts like this is that they show what is really happening, which is not always the same as what you believe is happening. These are all objective data strings being sent by the browser, aka, user agent. The strings never have any guaranteed relation to the underlying system or hardware, you can make most of these say anything you want, not sure about the accept headers, never looked into changing those.
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