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Webmin vs ISPconfig vs Froxlor vs...
In the past I installed webmin (free version) in my Linux Mint Julia, that was some time ago.
It completely crashed my system after updating from it, not from the Mint package.
No experience with ISPconfig, but heard great things about it, the package is free but the manual is not.
Froxlor, favorite of your friend slam, but is that a reason to dismiss it automatically? :-)
I went through their demo and it does not look bad, still under development.
Would like to know your thoughts/recommendations.
Thanks for all the help.
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considering that slam sells himself as a web 'expert', a professional, in fact, I would avoid actively anything he likes, period. He's an exception to my rule for those guys of not assuming their beliefs are facts until independently verified, with slam, I assume anything he likes is bad. I feel on solid ground there. He's the one who promoted that horrible zikula/phpnuke cms that the site is burdened with.

I have never seen any reason to use a webmin type server admin control panel for a dev box, I use them on hosters when they aren't too bad, but I also often end up doing everything via scripting because it's faster and more secure.

Setting up a site correctly is done via apache config, mysql is done via some simple commands and scripts.
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