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hi all,

Browser fingerprinting is a method of tracking users around the Internet. When a browser contacts a website transmits some information about configuration, version of the the browser itself and of the client system in general.
These data can be used to create a "device fingerprint" to identify a browser: it would be possible to recognize a returning visitor even without using technique like cookies, even without the explicit consent of the users themselves.

A perfect fingerprint should be unique for a system and it should be stable. We have chosen a possible set of parameters that a website can collect and we would like to investigate about diversity and stability.
We hope that increasing our data sample we can find out some more useful consideration about user trackability and privacy.
If you would like to help us increasing our data sample and if you wish to test your browser uniqueness, please visit:

it's a way to have some more info about what a web site can get from our browser and to find out some techniques to avoid browser traceability

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