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Automatic install using Debian/Ubuntu method of non-free driver install (using m-a (Debian) or dkms (Ubuntu)): sgfxi -s (or, for nVidia: sgfxi -cs)

Me thinks -s is dead?
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Yes, NEVER use the manual/site pages as final source,, the -h is always most up to date, I missed that one though when I updated and changed it to the:
-d Installs distro packaged nVidia/fglrx drivers. ATI/nVidia cards only (formerly -s).

There's another undocumented option that builds the dkms method for debian now too, but it's not final, it doesn't have a real option letter yet. I added that once I realized that debian had finally fixed the dkms install/uninstall, that took a few years.
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