How to record online streaming audio in Linux
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This is about as easy as it can be. I'll assume you have a directory in your home directory called media, and we'll make a subdirectory there called streams, to keep it all neat.

Make sure you have the command line program streamripper installed.

Get the url for the stream, then run this command.

:: Code ::
streamripper -d ~/media/streams -a my-show.mp3

streamripper is the command
next is the actual url of the stream you are going to rip/record.
-d tells streamripper which directory on your system to put the recording into.
-a is the file name, if you want just one file name for the entire recording. If it's a bunch of discreet songs, then you probably just want to record them separately, but it's for example a streaming radio show, you probably want the whole thing as one file, since that's how its' streamed.

Once it's ready to go, hit enter on that line of commands, and it starts recording, shows you the bit rate and how much data is in the file.

About as easy as anything gets so thought I'd post it.

Hint: you can listen to the mp3 file as you record it by using any audio player to run it, just navigate to the file and play it, that way you only need to be grabbing one copy of the stream.
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