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Reply Quote makes it very hard to find and install the free version of their software.

Here's how to do it: First, create an account, then login.

Next, login.

Now, once logged, in, click the free download from the product menu. Later versions say just 'Add computer' if you have an account already. There is no option for free version but don't worry, you can change that after you create the new computer. Obviously, you need to be doing this from the computer you will be running logmein from.

Install that, make sure not to install pro2 version, which is great, but costs $69 a year.

If you installed pro2 by accident, which is almost impossible not to do if you aren't careful, uninstall it, reboot, then download and install the free version, then you need to do one more thing.

Go to your account, login, click on 'my computers', click on the 'properties' of the computer, then click on 'subscription', and change from pro2 to free.

As long as the free package is installed, that should do it.

logmein is being very close to unethical in terms of how hard they make it to install the free version, and how tricky they are about that process, I got the pro version by accident too, as did a client, and it's no accident that happened, the process is a trick every step of the way.

However, it's easily remedied, so there is the way to fix it.

<added>I believe there is no need to remove the pro2 package, all you have to do is change your subscription type to Free, but test that to make sure. Why they have to make this so tricky and difficult is beyond me.
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I found more easy to use it works also on androids phones.
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