Change Default Application for File Type in OS X
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This one is easy, it's pretty similar to how Windows does it.

Right click a file of the type you want to change.

Select 'Get Info' (I know I know, we aren't 'getting info', we are going to be 'setting global default system application to open this file type', but that's how Macs are.

Look down, you will see an item: default application. Change this to be what you want it to be. Click 'Make Global' or whatever that says, now the system is updated.

By the way, the other way I first found to set the file type application, when right clicking and selecting 'Open With..' did NOT work to reset global defaults, why that is is beyond me to comprehend, all OS X needed there was a checkbox to make changes global and default, but I guess that would be too hard to do or something....

So that's it, no 'apply' button on the 'Get Info' dialogue window, just close it and the system will now use those settings for default opener application.
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