Renaming file - folder in Finder OS X - Get Info
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I know I know, you think, ok, to rename I right click (or comparable mac action), and rename the file.

Of course not, that would be too logical and intuitive.

So how to do it in OS X? Open Finder, select the file/folder, then right click on it. Note the options, nothing there about renaming it, a standard option for all of computing history.

However, all they did was make it a bit harder to find: select either 'File => Get info' or right click folder and select 'Get Info'. I know, 'Get Info' doesn't sound at all like 'Rename', but that's where it is. You'll see a white box in the lower part of the window that says: Name and Extension.

This is where you will rename it. This is basically exactly the same as you see in Windows, by the way, when you select, right click, properties option. Now I don't know, to me 'Properties' tells me what I need to know, the properties of the object. But I guess 'Get Info' was considered more 'friendly' or something. Info about what? Who knows until they click on it.
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