Default Finder Settings for Mac OS X
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First we need to get the file manager to reasonable defaults.

  1. Open 'Finder'. Finder is the File System Explorer in Mac OS X. Do that either top menu, 'Finder', or the doc thing with icons, the two faces icon is finder.
  2. Set reasonable Finder view options, I suggest making these default at least for your session: Top menu, click 'View', check 'As List', check 'Show Sidebar' if it isn't checked, to get the left hand system navigation menu.

    The Setting 'As Cover Flow' adds that really big top ribbon-like header thing that uses up a big chunk of your screen.
  3. To set things as default, select: View => Show View Options, click 'Always open in list view' if you want that as default.
  4. Now you have an easy way to navigate your file system.

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