Converting 24 bit flac to 16 bit flac
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Got a 24 bit flac file or performance and want to convert it to a more space saving 16 bit?

Follow the advice from this thread

:: Code ::
# Decode to WAV files
flac -d *.flac

# Create destination folder
mkdir resampled

mv *.wav resampled
cd resampled

# Rename to remove all strange chars
rename 's/ /_/g' *.wav

# In this case we use find to execute sox for each file, Here you can edit the sox options!
find . -name "*.wav" -exec sh -c 'sox -S $0 -r 48000 $0.wav && cat $0.wav > $0 && rm $0.wav' {} \;

# Rename to the original names
rename 's/_/ /g' *.wav

# Make the flacs and remove the waves
flac *.wav
rm *.wav

cd ..

Note that this requires the apps: rename sox flac

Since this is useful, I may add into the acxi script in the future.
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