How to restore a lost Firefox multi tab session
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Something goes wrong, and when you restart Firefox, your 100 tabs are gone. Panic! what to do?

From the mozilla knowledge base

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If neither your old session nor the Restore Session error page appears after a crash, or you accidentally click on “Start New Session”, you can enter about:sessionrestore in the Location Bar (address bar) to force the Restore Session page to appear, after first restoring a backup file to restore the old session data. The session data is stored in sessionstore.js; this file can be restored (while Firefox is not running) from backups, including "sessionstore.bak". The file "sessionstore.bak" is created if you launch Firefox after a crash has occurred. It is a copy of the current sessionstore.js that gets lost otherwise, if you restart Firefox.

This worked for me, the last real session appeared, just like it does when firefox crashes on session start, and I got my tabs back.
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