2.6.37-4 conky says 0 degrees C
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The palm of my hand says otherwise
Conky reported temps in 2.6.35 and 2.6.36 kernels
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That just looks like an ordinary regression in 2.6.37. What do your acpi utilities like acpi or acpitool say?
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kernel 2.6.37-0 no thermal info
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cat: /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature: No such file or directory
(previous kernels have such file)
acpitool -t
Thermal info : <not available>
acpi -t
Thermal 0: ok, 0.0 degrees C
Thermal 1: ok, 64.0 degrees C
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Same here. I found a solution to the conky temperature report here:

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