Dell Studio + Ubuntu 10.10 questions
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I'm running Ununtu 10.10 on a Dell 1537 Studio with Core2 Duo
and the Liquorix 2.6.36-3.dmz.2-liquorix-686 #1 ZEN SMP PREEMPT kernel

I have two issues:
q1: my fan speed is still always fast (i.e. noisy) and I was wondering if there is a way to check/fix this with this kernel?

also, has anyone else experienced the racing fan syndrome with Dell Studio?
I ran 'sensors-detect' scan and got this:
Intel Core family thermal sensor... Success!
(driver `coretemp')

I haven't tested the fan speed yet

then I did this:

To load everything that is needed, add this to /etc/modules:
#----cut here----
# Chip drivers
#----cut here----
If you have some drivers built into your kernel, the list above will
contain too many modules. Skip the appropriate ones!

q2: on reboot I am unable to get the GRUB2 screen when holding down the shift-key. known issue with Ubuntu and the Liquorix kernel?

thanks in advance for any/all help!
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AFAIK, fan speeds are controlled by the BIOS of the laptop. Depending on the temperature of the a temperature chip, it will raise or lower the speed. I used to have a Dell Inspiron 1420 and it was always responsible at raising and lowering speeds whenever the temperature increased or decreased in the laptop.

And regarding GRUB2 with Ubuntu... I was trying to figure out myself how exactly to enter the GRUB2 screen when booting it. Seeing as how you already know which key to use, I'd say you're already a few steps ahead of me.
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fancontrol controls fan speed with lm-sensors, if properly setup and configured.

The best way to see if lm-sensors is delivering the data fancontrol requires is with: inxi -s

if you see mobo/cpu temp, and cpu fan speed, the command: pwmconfig

will help setup fancontrol.

Setting up lm-sensors is only the first step.

If sensors do not show fan speed, then you may need to add the boot arg:

to /etc/default/grub default kernel boot options. That's assuming grub2, grub 1, kopt needs to be updated.

Most desirable is to have the bios control it, but sadly, that perfect world doesn't work all that often in my experience.

Depends on the hardware largely, new kernels broke my ibm thinkpad specific sensors/fanspeed app, and I'm too lazy to spend the day or two it would take to diagnose and debug the issue on new kernels.
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