x86-64 kernel, 32-bit process - FPU state damage on cswitch
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Hello, dear liquorix kernel maintainers.
There is a known problem with CONFIG_PREEMPT kernels on x86-64: task FPU state is lost on some context switches (I observed it on a 32-bit process only, but it may be irrelevant).
Here is the patch that solved the problem for me:
It would be great to pull it into liquorix kernel sources.

P.S. I ran into the problem while debugging SBCL under WineHQ. Both SBCL-for-win32 and Wine are not too stable pieces of software, so the kernel itself was the last suspect of all. I've finally reproduced the problem with normal ELF executable, hence a conclusion that it's the kernel's fault.
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Thanks, the patch just got pushed to Zen and will be in the next Liquorix release.
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