Windows Update Error 0x80070420
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I have been trying to access the windows updates from different websites. But while doing this, I am getting some stupid Windows update error 0x80070420.

Can anyone here help me to fix this error?
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A quick trip to google shows How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070420

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If you have Windows XP and are receiving the Windows Update Error 0x80070420, please follow the steps below to solve it.

First, Check to see if you have Windows Installer 3.1 installed on your computer. To do this follow these steps:

1) Click on Start, Control Panel
2) Double-click on Add/Remove Programs
3) Search your Program List for the program
Windows Installer 3.1
windowsinstaller31.jpg (6538 bytes)

4) If you find it there, click on Remove to uninstall it. Then reboot your computer. If it is not there proceed to step 5.

5) Click on the following link to Microsoft's Download Center to download Windows Installer 3.1

6) Install Windows Installer 3.1 and reboot your computer

7) Go to Windows Update and try to download the updates again.

Note: sometimes you may also receive this error if Windows XP has not been activated. To read about How to Activate Windows XP, click on the following support article from Microsoft.

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error 0x80070420
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For repairing Windows update error 0x80070420, firstly you have to check whether Windows Installer 3.1 is installed in your PC or not. This error implies that you are not able to install the windows updates when you try to access them from the site. This happens when the windows updates stops in the middle of their installation process.

For further steps go through <blatant link drop removed, please people, read the signup thing about link dropping before you post, ok - moderator. Also, the link was identical in content to what is posted above as a solution?> and fix this error without any hassle.

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