No sound DVD Windows XP
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Yet another annoyance, sound was working fine, flash, mp3, audio, cds, but no so sound in either windows media player or powerdvd.

I'm assuming that the powerdvd install corrupted some windows codecs required to hear sound.

I installed the codecs from as was recommended all over in forums, and sound worked right away again in windows media player, but not in powerdvd.

That power dvd by the way was a version that came with the LG dvd reader/burner, so it probably had some very low quality programming in it.

Anyway,. I reset the system to default to windows media player instead of powerdvd, which still doesn't have sound, and called it a day.

Why? Who knows, unskilled untested programming is the best bet, one of several I came across on this box by the way.

Another one, sansa fuze didn't work until you set it to mcp only on this XP 3, another known issue....

Windows isn't looking that great from where I stand at the moment.
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