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How to enable tuxonice? When i hibernate it uses uswusp.

And question about logo: Can I change the logo without recompilng the kernel? I want to use debian logo.
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Hi tm,

I don't include TuxOnIce in my kernels, or zen, anymore. It's been proven to be very invasive in a way that it causes instability issues at runtime.

Also, I'm very confused as to what features it offers to linux' suspend architecture that linux doesn't do already and I don't feel so keen on adding TuxOnIce when the only thing I think it can do is break something at runtime.

Is uswusp more reliable for you? I can give TuxOnIce another shot if it really helps you use your laptop more effectively or improves your workflow.

And last, you cannot change the logo without recompiling the kernel.
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About logo...

Do I have to enable it somewhere besides recompiling the kernel? Seems to me that I enabled it in the kernel, but it didn't show up during a reboot...
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