Chakra GNU/Linux uses liquorix-kernel as default
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Hi there. I'm happy to announce our first official build of Chakra GNU/Linux using the liquorix-patched kernel as our default one.

The Chakra Project brings a ground-up Linux distribution, a free software showcase project created by a bunch of people who like
the KISS principles of ArchLinux the elegance of KDE and a bundlesystem to support well known Gtk applications.

Our main goal is provide a fast, user-friendly and extremely powerful Live CD and/or Linux distribution specially made for the
award winning KDE Software Compilation and the beautifull Plasma desktop.

Chakra is currently in alpha stage, it features a graphical installer, automatic hardware configuration, and of course some more tools and extras.

Just try it if you like and tell us what you think.


* Kernel- with lzma support
* aufs2-builtin
* KDE SC 4.5.2
* Xorg-Server 1.8.2
* Catalyst-10.9
* NVidia-256 and NVidia legacy series

You can download the latest version here:

[new user link]
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