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Yesterday I update one of my Lenny box to Squeeze. What follow is nothing new but only my personal experience ;)

This is what I did:

edit the source list
:: Code ::
aptitude update
aptitude install apt dpkg aptitude
aptitude full-upgrade

I choose to maintain my configuration file for mysql. This choice can generate problems during the upgrade process, because an option in the my.cnf file with the new version of mysql give problems.

My suggestion is to comment the line skip-bdb before the upgrade.

:: Code ::
# According to an MySQL employee the use of BerkeleyDB is now discouraged
# and support for it will probably cease in the next versions.
# skip-bdb

After that I clean a bit (I found forgotten package from etch :P)

:: Code ::
aptitude clean

For the following 2 commands use a bit of brain

purge the packages that were removed, but not purged
:: Code ::
aptitude purge ~c

purge obsolete packages ( == packages not in any repos so also a package compiled by had)
:: Code ::
aptitude purge ~o

I used this command to retrieve the list then I removed only the package not installed by hand (some time happen).
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good commands, I didn't know those, nice.
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