Setting up apache on Windows xp
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These are useful tips to setup an Apache dev server on a Windows Xp machine.

Apache 2.2 setup:

Apache 2.2 setup, Vista:

PHP 5 setup:

Download Apache 2.2:

Use the no ssl version unless you need to test ssl stuff.

Download PHP 5 here:

I used the 5.2 VC6 x86 Thread Safe (2010-Jul-27 10:45:47)

because 5.3 gave error on my vm test, but otherwise use the 5.3

Gotchas. If you are using code written for normal linux bsds, you'll need to change the include path from using .: to .;

Make life easy, use c:\apache2.2 as the apache install directory
c:\php5 as the php install directory
as your website directory.

Then you can just change the document root path and localhost directory to use c:\www as root, or a subfolder there.

This is NOT for virtual hosts setup, just for a single server setup, but maybe I'll try to figure out how to do virtual hosts, my first tests didn't work.
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