Liquorix suitability for SSD hard drives
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I have just bought an SSD drive for my laptop, and want to install Debian Squeeze on it. As the Squeeze kernel isn't quite new enough for automatic TRIM support, I want to use the Liquorix kernel.

I was wondering if there are any tips or gotchas in using the Liquorix kernel on SSDs. For instance I have read in a few places that it is a good idea to change the io scheduler to deadline or noop rather than CFQ. Does this still apply, and how does BFS rate? Are any of the other patches going to make things worse (or better)?

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I'm very unfamiliar with all the performance caveats of SSDs on Linux. All I could suggest is booting with elevator=cfq and compare it with elevator=bfq (the default).

As far as BFS goes, I'm actually running CFS on my kernels due to some incompatibilities with my GPU's graphics driver and suspend bugs with a few users.

And to answer your last question, any of the remaining patches that alter how Linux manages its resources should only improve performance on your desktop or laptop.
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