Having flash problems in IE8 and firefox in Vista Home Prem.
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Hello everyone,
Usually I'm able to solve technical issues on my own but I have no idea how to solve this one! I've tried flash player 9, and flash player 10.1 but for some reasons on certain sites flash player will not work. For example, on this website the video will not load and also I see a red rectangle where I should see a banner ad. I should see this instead: I've tried everything, changed various settings, tried a program to reset flash player 10, registry values, etc, etc,etc. I'm beginning to think it's impossible to fix. I get no errors installing, everything shows up properly and it's just insane. I have no clue at all why it is not working, it should be. But if anyone has any opinions please reply, and thanks a million.
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Try it on Firefox and see if the crashing behavior persists. I'm working on a project now and I'm finding that MSIE flash is not working as I would expect it to, but it works as expected in all other browsers.

By the way, getting into the registry when you don't know what's wrong, as a guess, is not a very good idea, since it may make things worse, not better, and then you won't be able to undo it unless you keep track of all the original settings and your changes to them.
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