British Royal Navy will run Windows 2000 on warships
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In an amazingly bad decision, the british royal navy has decided to use Windows 2000 on their active duty warships.

In case you've forgotten, this is the one and same operating system that is the number one hacker target around the world, for very good reasons, not, as MS apologists tend to say, because it's the number one OS in the world, but because:

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Many of us raised in the discipline of software engineering were alarmed, even shocked, to learn this, but lacked strong grounds for speaking against it; that is, until April. In April 2002, Bill Gates, acting as Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, gave extensive testimony under oath to the US Courts. Gates’s testimony included description of the current structure of Microsoft Windows. Snubbing fifty years of progress in computer science, the current structure of Windows abandoned the accepted principles of modular design and reverted instead to the, much deprecated, entangled monolithic approach. Paragraphs 207 to 223 are particularly revealing about Microsoft’s chosen approach (paragraph 216 is difficult to believe!). Anyone with elementary knowledge of computer science can see that Microsoft Windows, as described here by Gates, is inherently insecure by design.....

In the two years since I compiled the dossier, numerous security problems have been discovered in Microsoft Windows and its ancillary programs. Many of these have arisen precisely because of its non-modular structure, and in particular because of the complex entanglement between Internet Explorer and the rest of Windows. These continual problems demonstrate how, in practice, Windows proves inherently insecure by design.

Anyway, the more I learn the more clear it gets that most of what most people think when it comes to computer security comes from MS public relations, since most real serious network admins understand how much more reliable and secure Unix is, at least a properly setup and configured unix type OS. Obviously any poorly set up system will be poorly secured, that's not the real question.

Read more on the question of Operating system modularity and security here.

None of this comes as any surprise, however, given that the US Navy also implemented W2K systems, the new system

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is being built by Newport News Shipbuilding Inc., and that name may be familiar to you. Yes, that's right, a little while back Bill Gates invested in... Newport News Shipbuilding Inc. He holds an eight per cent stake. Newport News Shipbuilding is one of only two companies in the US which are capable of building nuclear submarines, and has built ten of the last 12 aircraft carriers commissioned by the US navy.

So now Bill gets to play with big boats too....
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