HOWTO add sata controller in vbox
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I did not find virtualbox help file as helpful as I would prefer so hope this assists you.

Cuirrrenly I am on vbox non-free

1) Do a normal creation of a vbox hard defaults to IDE

In above pic I named new ide drive aus9

2) That is nasty so lets delete it by clicking on aus9 and finding the - button at botton as per pic

3) The steps to create the sata are a little messy so lets begin

There are a couple of ways of doing it I prefer you click onto the IDE controller bar and then click on the second + button at botton as per pic

4) This opens a choice menu and we choose sata as per pic

5) This gives us the SATA controller bar and we then click on the + button to add a drive to it

6) This is likely to drop the first alphabetically named drives into the SATA area and may not be your preference.

7) Lets pretend you select the name you originally used (was the name for the default ide drive)

so click on the aa drive and pull down the hard disk selections and choose your drive please

8) Don't forget to save your work by clicking on the OK button please
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