GRUB2 set vga graphics mode
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I found most of the answers in this article

More on Grub2 and framebuffer at Debian forums.

In case it vanishes, and to be clear, in Debian (paths in your distro may vary:
maybe use command in grub: vbeinfo
to find supported resolutions
:: Code ::
# in /etc/default/grub change
# or your monitor's supported resolution
# if you have this line uncommented, comment it, like so:

# I also suggest shutting off that super slow osprobe stuff, if you want, by adding this:
# if you want the other OS in your system detected and added
# then don't add this

# if you don't want to see those gfx splash things as it boots
# remove the words quite splash from:

#next, in file /etc/grub.d/00_header find the line starting with:
  set gfximode=
# after, add the line:
  set gfxmode=keep

save both files, then run:
:: Code ::

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