file into an executable area....does it need database update
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Forgive my ignorance yet again.

I can remaster some isos....using various instructions they offer.

1) If I place an executable in the standard place such as
and repack that rootfs /squashfs /cramfs
.....I can run the command with the leading dot

:: Code ::


2) What I can not currently do is run it without the leading dot and without the pathway...but .profile has the bin pathways correctly set.

What I am thinking without knowing what I am doing is I need to run some kind of command get the new executable recognised.

The executables are not installed using chroot packagemanagement fact they are not using any package manager....simply copied off hard drive into unpaced rootfs type folders.


If anyone has understood what I am trying to do and has an answer I would appreciate it.


gordy aka aus9
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Are: /squashfs /cramafs in $PATH?

like so: /squashfs/usr/bin:/squashfs/usr/sbin
and so on?

If you add them, logout of console session, then login again, does the command then work as expected without using ./

That's usually why things won't run.

You can also just see what the path is for real
:: Code ::
cd path/to/usr/sbin

and see what the actual working directory is, whatever it is, you need to add that to PATH= in /etc/profile.
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