oggenc Error: Input file is not a supported format
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I got this error:
oggenc "Error: Input file" <file path> "is not a supported format" flac

on one and only one flac collection. This error occurs with vorbis-tools oggenc in Debian Sid, latest version.

After searching around, I found this Ubuntu forums thread. which contained this hint, which was right:

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Well the ID3 tags are definitely the issue. EasyTag converts them if I force a save, then oggenc works fine.

That's a bit terse, let me translate that for you. We are in Linux, so the apps are linux apps. Find the ones you need for Windows or Mac if you use those systems. Easytag is a retagging tool, a gui application, easy to use. The problem is that the flacs may have been tagged with v2.0 or lower, not the current version. This can happen I guess with older flac files, so far I've only seen this one time, but it could happen more frequently depending on the age of your flacs I guess.

Open the directory containing the flac files causing the problem. Make sure that Easytag is set to save in ID3 v 2.4 as default. That's in settings/preferences, ID3 v tag settings, set there to default to 2.4, close.

Then highlight all the flac files, then select Force Save option from the File menu item. This takes a bit of time, then its done. Then run oggenc on that again, for example:

oggenc -q 7 *.flac

It should now work fine.

By the way, check out my redo/fork of the classic flac2ogg.pl script, called acxi. acxi also copies over all txt, bmp, jpg, and pdf files from the source/flac directories to the new destination/ogg directories, which is convenient if you are ripping flac torrents with their data stuff to ogg.

Script also supports in theory other output types, and input types, like mp3. I'll add these as I get the commands.

I'll probably add more features over time, once I figure out how perl actually works, but for now it's all working nicely, it's been cleaned up and put into structured functions to make it more powerful and useful.

To get it, do this:
:: Code ::
cd /usr/local/bin && wget -Nc smxi.org/acxi && chmod +x acxi

then edit the top variables to fit your system.
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