converting shn to flac
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Update 2019-06
These methods are all replaced by acxi, which now does shn -> flac conversions, and does the process far better than any of the methods below.

So just use acxi, you will be happy.

:: Code ::
shntool conv -o flac *.shn

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Note that in Linux, you can convert with ffmpeg. I just converted a folder of .shn to .flac with

:: Code ::
for f in *.shn; do b=$(basename "$f" ".shn"); ffmpeg -i "$f" "$b.flac"; done

I got some old shn files, which aren't very useful anymore, so to change them to flac, I did this:

First (in Debian), I installed pacpl (add ffmpeg too if you want)
:: Code ::
aptitude install pacpl flac

this is going to be missing a key codec, the shn one, so we need to make that. Thanks for [url=]this thread[/url] for clear directions on how to do that:

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shn files are not well supported anymore because it is an older codec but there are a few apps that can convert shn. Both rely on installing the shn codec. Two options I like for converting in linux are PACPL and SoundKonverter (with a k not a c - this is a kde program but it works fine in gnome).

shn codec: Install the shn codec. Follow the instructions:

Open a terminal
At the prompt type or cut and paste the following commands (note that this is all done as regular user, until the last step, make install, which is done as root (#)

:: Code ::
Download the shn codec to your home folder:
$ wget

untar the package
$ tar xvf shorten-3.6.1.tar.gz

Change to the directory you just untarred
$ cd shorten-3.6.1

Install - write each command one line at a time
$ ./configure
$ make
# sudo make install

:: Quote ::
Now the shn codec should be installed

To convert you have a few options. I like PACPL but Soundkonverter also works good and has a GUI interface so chose which one you like (if you search the forums you will also find methods using ffmpeg).

PACPL is a command line app but it is easy - follow the instructions here to install:

Once you install PACPL, you use it from the command line. So for example if I have a music file named mymusic.shn and I want to convert it to mp3:

Open a terminal

At the prompt type:
$ pacpl --to mp3 /home/music/mymusic.shn

Thats it. PACLP has many features. To get a list of all available options type:
$ pacpl --longhelp

Install the flac codec from Synpaptic. Search for flac and install.

SoundKonverter: Install from Synaptic.

To play shn you only have a few options. I like xmms - follow this tutorial:

Now pacpl will find the shorten codec, so just change directory to the shn files you want to convert, and run this command:
:: Code ::
pacpl -t flac *.shn

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