pulseaudio dirty config for those interested
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Suggest you do not attempt if you need to use usb/external soundcards with index of 0

FYI Hubi and I have a number of pages on alsa at sidux wiki.

Before I spat the dummy with sidux, I was playing with pulseaudio with some success...but I have only one sound device....onboard intel.


were as far we got.


but I discovered a dirty config which I will explain

I have seen a number of posts where we go into some length into various command outputs and asking them to run alsamixer to check volumes and mutes.

but pulseaudio has lots of guis....so beginners can just follow the images.

What I wanted ....is everyone to have the SAME /etc/asound.conf with no mention of index or model stuff......which meant I wanted that stuff separate.

while thinking how to best do that....I struck upon an idea in LQ forum
which was to remove your sound module and reload it with the index and model stuff.

I achieve this by appending to ........blacklist snd_hda_intel to

and appending ......./sbin/modprobe snd_hda_intel index=0 model=5stack
to /etc/rc.local

The advantages to me.....simplifies troubleshooting of alsa and asound.conf.....from modules loaded.

Main disadvantage ....you edit, effectively 3 files

but that is the whole point of simplifying.....you know something is only affected by a certain file.


I do not have a external sound device....but you could I suppose add that to your files to blacklist them.....then define your index=0 entry first in rc.local?

submitted in case someone finds it useful.

If not....heh heh its a note for me....free online storage!
then you go thru a number of guis to see if any are muted or volumes need adjusting?

being the main ones


gordy aka aus9
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