dws - script to show distrowatch rankings for time/distribution selections
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Very simple script, shows you distrowatch ranking for any distro or distros, and shows their daily page hit averages for the selected time period, and for day/month time frames, also if they are dropping, rising, or level relative to the previous day's average.

  • 1.3.4 2013-10-20 - made output shorter for multiple distro output, for shell output, added space padding so output looks nicer. Also got rid of deprecated 'seq' use to future proof it.
  • 1.3.3 2012-01-04 - Bug fix to resolve two failures, one grep behavior changing slightly, and the other the distrowatch page code changing slightly, easy modification, just update with -U if you don't have the current version and your distro watch watching will proceed as normal.

:: Code ::
cd /usr/local/bin && wget -O dws smxi.org/dws && chmod +x dws

Typical script for me, check -h for options.

-U updates it from smxi.org.

-d tells it what distro to test for, see -h for details. You can check multiple distros by creating a comma separated list.
-t 7|30|3|6|12|200[2-9] selects what time span to check with.

default, no args, is debian 7 day stats.

You can change the default by editing the top 3 lines.

:: Code ::
dws -d arch -t 2008
arch distrowatch.com 2008 year ranking: 17 (465)

dws -d fedora
fedora distrowatch.com 7 day ranking: 2 (1622+)

dws -d openbsd,opensolaris,pcbsd -t 30
Distrowatch.com 30 day rankings:
openbsd:     93 (154+)
opensolaris: not ranked
pcbsd:       31 (430~)

has error handling, and should tell you pretty much what went wrong when something fails.

Newly developed feature: if you chown the script to your user name, it allows for user level updates, that took a while to figure out how to do.

and that's about it, another odd little script made for little reason other than I think i was just bored today.
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