Mount CD/DVD iso on Windows 7
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I know I know, you're asking, what? with >25,000 employees you'd think that at some point Windows would have been able to automount and handle ISOs? But it doesn't, which is just absurd.

Luckily there is a utility, free, that does this for you: Virtual CloneDrive

While not as nice as a native iso mounting, it works fine. Now you can watch your dvd isos, assuming the player works with the iso, which they should all in theory do, but sadly, this theory is not consistent in the real world. I found vlc and windows media player both failed somehow to play a multi episode iso, don't ask me why, no idea. Try and see yourself and find one that does work.

VirtualClone Drive mounts the iso on double click and then windows sees it as a dvd/cd drive. Groan. Why such a simple thing even requires addon software to do is really bizarre in this day and age. Frustrated as I get with Linux type systems, linux has had such stuff working natively for maybe 10 years, so count one for linux in this case, where all I have to do is right click the iso, and select open with kaffeine, and there it is. Oh well.

A few oddities: it takes windows/virtualclone a long time to switch between isos, so give it plenty of time before you assume it's failed to do so. Also, you can use windows automount for that new virtual drive to assign the desired behavior. So at least you can get some functionality.
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