Email is automatically deleted when i forward or reply
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I use Microsoft Outlook 2000 and within our account we have 4 email accounts set up. Only one of them is having this issue. When I reply or forward, after the email is sent, the original disappears. It does not go into the delete folder and the sent email is in the sent I have the email but not the original. Anyone have any words of wisdom on how to fix this. I am not an IT type person, but would appreciate your help!
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That truly sounds like a bug in Outlook to me.

I don't know if you are using Exchange or just standard email, but either way, I don't know of any settings in Outlook that deletes emails after forward/send operations, which is what points to a bug. This also would depend on the type of email account, web mail, (IMAP), like gmail or hotmail, or POP, standard email. You want to confirm what the defective email address is, where it is being sent to, what its server is, etc. It could be a server misconfiguration though there's no way to know that without having direct access to that account's mail server.

Sadly, with 2000 products you won't be getting either updates or support, so your only chance is to try to find a way around the problem.

Obviously, by using for example Thunderbird, from as your email client as a test, ie, set up the account in question, send and receive and forward, and see if the email deletes.

If it does not delete, you know the problem is not in the email server, but is almost certainly a bug in your Outlook.

Speaking for myself, we gave up on outlook 2000 about 3 years ago and moved to outlook/office 2003 so we could be using reasonably supported software.

As an IT guy, I don't really support any of the MS 2000 products any longer because the bugs and issues are getting harder to find and resolve because the market has largely moved to the XP/Vista based stuff, like office 2003/2007. Unfortunate for you though since if software is working for you in most cases, it's a shame to change just for one bug.

But first determine where the bug is, email server or outlook, and you can determine that by setting up the account in question on thunderbird, which is a simpler, cleaner, email client in my opinion, though it does not have the integrated calendaring features of Outlook.
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