How do I save all my emaili in outlook?
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My current setup deletes my email after 30 days. i want it to save it all until I delete but cannot figure out how to reset it.
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Backing up email in Outllok 2003
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From the main Outlook window (not an email) select File/Import and Export.
Export to a file – Next
Personal folder file (PST) – Next
Select the top mailbox level, but click on the include subfolders checkbox.
The next window gives you an opportunity to name your file, and put it where you want it. Click on the “Browse” button.
Browse to where you want to put it on your hard drive. Edit the name to what you want to call it.
Click “Finish”.

To Open:

From the main Outlook window (not an email) select File/Open/Outlook Data File.
Navigate to the location where you stored your PST.
Click on it and open it.
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and consider burning your backup file to a cdr,
consider encryption and post on line
(I use linux so can't help you there)
and also putting a copy on an usb stick

for the day when microsoft malware wipes your hard drive or the day when you find your hard drive has failed.

good luck
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ummm, the responses have nothing to do with what the poster asked.

The delete after setting is easily discovered by googling for it, personally I only support Outlook if I'm getting paid.

There's a check box in the main settings for delete after or do not delete after, OR the user is connecting via exchange, which might have other overriding settings, especially in a corporate setting.

Who knows, who cares? Outlook remains the worst designed email client ever put out into the market, a curse that locks you into its horrible programming and design decisions, if you can, free yourself before you get hopelessly locked into its corrupted file systems and buggy methods.
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