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We'd like to keep this forum pretty open, but we will enforce certain rules very strictly:

  • No webhoster/domain name registrar recommendations unless you follow these rules exactly:
    - You must have at least two websites up and running on the webhoster.
    - These websites must be indexed on google.
    - You must place a file on the website with this exact text, nothing else:
    techpatterns proof page
    - This page must be called: tp.htm and be located in a folder called 'site'. This the path to this page would be
    - Recommending a hoster without this will result in immediate removal of your post. This is necessary to avoid abuse and promotional spam.
  • You do not need to post these domains publicly, but you do need to send techAdmin a sticky with those two urls.

Aside from that, we'll try to keep this section pretty open for now.
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